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The Department of Environmental Science was established in 1983. Environmental Science is a Para-professional course which brings together multifarious goals. The course intends to develop conscious citizens with an awareness of the environment. Along with such awareness comes a deep understanding of the total environment and its associated problems. The department aims to create individuals who have sound knowledge, appropriate attitude, motivation, commitment and skill to actively participate at all levels towards the improvement of the environment and contribute to the efficient management of environmental issues.

The undergraduate programme in Environmental Science helps students understand the inseparable nature of the components of the environment, instils the right attitude towards the environment; empowers them to develop necessary skills that are imperative to make informed decisions and to execute them. Students are enabled to appreciate the interrelation existing between abiotic and biotic environment and leading them to a systems approach; an exposure to environmental microbes helps them to understand the harmful and useful roles of microbes in the environment and trains them to apply microbial biotechnology as a tool for Bioremediation; students understand the role of environment in human health, the need for environmental sanitation, also they acquire knowledge of diseases, nutrition, dietetics and occupational health hazards; methods of quantification and analysis of the biological variables using statistical tools is achieved with an exposure to environmental biostatistics, this leads them to an appreciation of and a focused approach towards natural resources and their management.An exposure to the various forms of pollution, their effects and control helps students understand the current scenario; a training in assessment and mitigation of pollution along with an exposure to toxicology helps them to develop management packages that are holistic. .


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