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Preamble :

  • In November 2016, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) released a Startup Policy document for AICTE approved institutions, to address the need of inculcation of innovation and entrepreneurial culture in higher education institutions (HEIs). The policy primarily focused on guiding the AICTE approved institutions in implementing ‘Startup Action Plan’ of Government of India. Subsequent to release of the Startup policy by AICTE and further interaction & feedback received from education institutions, a need was felt for a more elaborate and comprehensive policy guiding document, which could be applicable for all the HEIs in India. This leads to the ‘National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP)’.
  • In context to the innovation and start policy, we have constituted a committee of seven members. This policy will facilitate Intellectual Property ownership management, technology licensing and institutional Startup policy, thus enabling creation of a robust innovation and Start up ecosystem across St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bengaluru.

  • Vision :

  • To facilitate the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Mission :

  • To identify student innovators, promote and support them to evolve self sustaining business models. It works to cultivate the innovation ecosystem within the university to harness the entrepreneurial potential of the young minds.
  • Resource mobilization plan should be worked out at the Institution level for supporting preincubation, incubation infrastructure and facilities to promote and develop entrepreneurial activities

Objectives :

  • To develop an elaborated and comprehensive I & E strategy and policy guiding document
  • To implement I & E strategy and policy
  • To support incubators
  • To define evaluation parameters of pre-incubation, incubation, entrepreneurship education of SJC
  • To develop the strategy to raise funds
  • To promote importance of innovation and entrepreneurial and highlighted at institutional programs such as conferences, convocations, workshops, etc.
  • NISP Team members of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore:

     Fr. Dr. Victor Lobo S J  Principal
    Fr. John Finance officer
     Dr. Arul Mani  IIC member
    Dr. Neil Tannen IIC member
     Dr. Jayati Bhadra  NISP coordinator
    Dr. Md.Umair IIC member
     Mr. David  Alumni Entrepreneur

    Coordinator’s Credentials

    1. A senior person at the level of dean/ director/ equivalent position
    2. Person who understands the industry and above all business.

    Review Committee

    1. Review the Innovation policy and upgrade every year based on requirements.
    2. Review of start up by students and based on the progress made. Appropriate credits for academics will be given.
    3. Approve faculty and staff to take off for a semester / year (or even more depending upon the decision of review committee constituted by the institute) as sabbatical/ unpaid leave/ casual leave/ earned leave for working on startups and come back.
    4. Evaluating the annual performance of the faculty based on involvement in I & E activities for promotion of staff..

    Stake Holders

    1. St. Joseph’s College(Autonomous) Bengaluru
    2. Entrepreneurs(Student/Faculty/alumni/ outsider)
    3. Human Resources(mentor faculties, office staffs)
    4. Public Funding agencies, Angel investors ,VCs (for fund)
    5. SJC’s IPR Cell
    6. Digital Library and e-Learning Resource Centre