St. Joseph’s College is a legacy; it’s an institution that has stood of the test of time. Since 1882 this college has been making and men and women for other. This college stands on three pillars, academic excellence, Character formation and Social Concern. Out students are embodied with these values and they resonate the same as they pass out of college and take up careers in various walks of life. Alumni/Alumnus of this college is all over the world in various positions, Governmental, Non-Governmental, International and National organizations, and Corporate etc. Hiring and working with a Josephite for sure will be a great experience. The College believes that establishing links between education and labor market is an important motivator for undergraduate and post graduate students pursuing their education. The Office of Student Placement and Skill Development works primarily towards providing an opportunity for our students to world of employment/entrepreneurship and to discover new career options for the enhancement of the larger good of self and the world.
As a College of Excellence (UGC), St. Joseph’s College is a place where innovation blends with our time-tested tradition.

As a College of Excellence (UGC), St. Joseph’s College is a place where innovation blends with our time-tested tradition.

The College offers the following courses:
Bachelors of Arts Combinations:
▫ History, Economics, Political Science (HEP)
▫ Economics, Political Science, Sociology (EPS)
▫ Industrial Relations, Economics, Sociology (IES)
▫ English Literature, Journalism Creative Writing, Psychology (EJP)
▫ Theatre and Performing Arts,Optional English,Psychology(TEP)
▫ Communicative English, Political Science, Economics (CPE)

Bachelors of Science Combinations:
▫ Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics(PCM)
▫ Physics, Electronics, Mathematics (PEM)
▫ Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (CBZ)
▫ Chemistry, Environmental Science,Botany (CEB)
▫ Chemistry, Environmental Science, Zoology(CEZ)
▫ Microbiology, Chemistry, Botany (MCB)
▫ Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology (MCZ)
▫ Physics, Maths, Computer Science (PMC) ▫ Maths, Electronics, Computer Science (MEC)
▫ Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology (CBBT)
▫ Economics, Mathematics, Statistics (EMS)
▫ Computer Science,Mathematics,Statistics(CMS)
▫ Biochemistry,Botany,Zoology(BBZ)
▫ Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology (CZBT)

Professional Courses
▫ Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)
▫ Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
▫ Bachelor Of Computer Applications (Data Analytics)
▫ Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
▫ Bachelor of Visual Communication (BVC)
▫ Bachelor of Visual Media & Film Making BVOC(VMF)
▫ Bachelor of Digital Media & Animation BVOC(DMA)

Post Graduate Courses
▫ M.A – Economics, Political Science, English
▫ M.Sc – Botany, Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Statistics
▫ Professional - Big Data Analytics, Social Work, Communication