Sebastian Thomas

SJC Airwing Cadets Creates History

Our Airwing cadets have created history. In a first for the college, 6 of our cadets are selected to represent the Airwing NCC in the Republic Day Parade 2019. Out of 9 vacancies for all colleges in Karnataka, our cadets have filled up 6 vacancies through their hard work, determination and commitment.

We the SJC family are proud of them as they have brought us laurels and no college in Kanataka has ever achieved this feat in the history of Airwing NCC. Kudos and God Bless them all.

The Selected cadets are:
1. CDT. Simran Sharma (Best Cadet)
2. CDT. Priya Wali
3. CDT. Vittal
4. CDT. Manikanta
5. CDT. Sanil
6. CDT. Gaurav Jain