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SJC becomes first college to go the green way

St Joseph College is striving to make students understand the value of solar energy by installing solar panels at the Arts and Science blocks and becoming the first ever institution in South India to do the same.

The College received a Power award last month from Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for producing 100 KW of solar energy every month.

The award was received by Principal, Fr Victor Lobo SJ at the Power Award 2017 ceremony in the Educational Institutions Category.

“We are the only college in South India to have solar panels. This initiative was started by Fr. Ambrose Pinto, former Principal, St Joseph College in 2011. The best part of this project is we are able to conserve energy and majority of the science and computer labs run only on solar energy.” said Mr Kiran Jeevan, PRO.

The College has supply of almost 400 solar panels providing 100 KW of electricity. “The College also shares solar power with BESCOM in the months when it is closed for vacations. This has also cut our electricity bills to almost half.” Mr Jeevan added that the larger idea behind installing solar panels was also to tell young eople that it is high time we use such energy to save the environment.