The true empowerment of an institution is when it can work to the maximum limits to create the best citizens. St. Josephs College is constantly evolving to accommodate the most deserving candidates to be provided with the best of education. In our endeavours, we always encourage support of any kind from our well wishers or former students.

Individual donations can be made for:

1. Mid-Day Meal Scheme
St. Josephs College caters to people from all sections of the society. Hundreds of students from lesser privileged backgrounds benefit from our mid-day meal scheme on a daily basis. We provide nutritious and wholesome food from the canteen entirely free of cost to deserving students.

2. Scholarships
The College provides a scholarship to deserving students every year. The scholarship amount covers tuition fees and other expenses which will help the student to be relieved of the burden of finding resources for completing his or her education.

3. Infrastructure Development
Due to our every expanding dream of providing quality education for the maximum number of students, the college infrastructure is constantly upgraded, so as to convenience students and faculty members. Presently new buildings with sports complexes, administrative sections, and classrooms are being added to the existing infrastructure. The constructions are currently in progress and contributions of any kind can be a small but significant step in helping hundreds of students to benefit by availing quality education from our College.